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Steven Erdelyi
Re-elected by Acclamation

August 15
District Meeting
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Steven Erdelyi
Côte Saint-Luc District 4
City Councillor

Welcome to my website. It continues to be a pleasure to serve as your city councillor. I have been working hard to deal with issues related to my portfolio of Public Works & Engineering and to make improvements to District 4 and the City of Cote Saint-Luc as a whole.

My priority over the next few months is to ensure that major projects related to my new portfolio go smoothly. This summer / fall, you will be seeing a few roads resurfaced and several sections of water pipe relined. Below is a list of projects being worked on:

Road Resurfacing Projects
*Magnolia ( Westluke - Smart)
Blossom ( Mackle - C.P)

Aqueduct Sleeving Projects
*Hudson (between CSL & CPR Adirondac Sub)
Davies (between Guelph & Wavell)
Parkview Cr. (between Parkview & Merton)
Wentworth (between Guelph & Kildare)
Melling (between Guelph & Wavell)
Jellicoe (between Mountbatten & Wavell)
Westminster (between Wavell & Guelph)
Emerson (between Einstein & Kellert)
Wolseley (between Wavell and Guelph)

* In district 4

Renovations are also scheduled to take place at Richard Schwartz Park starting in the fall. To see a preview, please click on the presentation from my district meeting.

On the environmental front, we continue to produce huge increases in waste that is diverted from landfill through either the brown or blue bin programs. Since starting the brown bin program in 2007, we have reduced the tonnage of garbage going to landfills by 26%.

One of my personal priorities continues to be working to remove all the graffiti in Côte Saint-Luc. This summer, Bell covered up their utility boxes on Hudson north of Guelph at Rabin Park. This is the first of several spots that will be done throughout the city. This will help prevent graffiti from being done in the future. I want to thank Bell Canada for their cooperation with this project.

I also want to encourage you to download the new See Click Fix App available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry products. Please use the app to report non-emergency issues such as potholes or burnt out street lights. For more information, please click here.

I would like to encourage you all to support the Friends of Meadowbrook movement. We need your help to prevent the development of the green space.


I would like to thank the residents of Cote Saint-Luc District Four for their support and for placing their confidence in me once again. I also would like to thank all the volunteers that helped me with my campaign. It has been a pleasure to serve the citizens of Cote Saint-Luc over the last four years. I look forward to four more years and hope to continue working to make Cote Saint-Luc the best place to live not only on the Island of Montreal, but in Quebec and all of Canada.

Election Results:
Steven Erdelyi: 752 votes - 94.4%
Charles Lemieux-Marchand: 45 votes - 5.6%

To watch a video of my celebration speech, click here.

In District 4, my focus in the past was on the logistics of the major renovations that took place at Fletcher Park. In September 2009, renovations began costing over $500,000 to make the park more user-friendly. We also saw the return of the skating rink boards at Richard Schwartz Park. To read more news about district 4, please read my newsletter or see the list of what's new or what's coming soon on the FAQ page.

I have also been busy ensuring the successful implementation of the Brown Bin Organic Waste Collection Program. So far, the results have exceeded expectations and I thank all of you for your cooperation with this new program. For more info, visit my blog, or view the DVD, program expansion flyer, plasticized card, FAQ flyer, sticker and map distributed to all homes.

Additionally, we’ve now implemented recycling in 100% of all high-rises in Côte Saint-Luc. With the recent adoption of a new by-law, all high-rise buildings in Côte Saint-Luc must offer recycling to their residents, and offer a minimum number of recycling bins. The new by-law also makes it mandatory to put recyclables in the blue bin and organic waste in the brown bin or in compostable bags for residents of single-family homes or duplexes.

In June 2009, all homes received a new rolling blue bin. By participating fully in the Brown Bin and new Blue Bin programs, we hope to be the first city on the Island to achieve the provincial government's target of diverting 60% of our waste from landfill. You will also be receiving a reminder card indicating what is and isn't recyclable.

We surpassed our goal of 1000 MT of organic waste in the first year of full implementation with all single-family homes and duplexes. So far, we have more than 12 times the tonnage from last year compared to only 10 times the number of homes. Overall, we have almost doubled the diversion rate from the first half of 2008 to the same period in 2009. We hope to continue to see improvements in these statistics in the coming months and years when we see the effects of the new large blue rolling bins.

At the Eleanor London Côte Saint-Luc Public Library, I encourage you to all come out to the monthly "Wow" events. If you are not a member yet, please go to the library and check out all the services we can offer you. In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, we are offering reusable bags on sale for two dollars at the library.

I encourage all citizens to participate in the various programs at the library, special events and use the facilities the city has to offer to the fullest. If you have any concerns or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me by phone or e-mail.

To view the powerpoint presentation from my first district meeting on October 22, 2006, click below:
Introduction Presentation
Brown Bin Organic Waste Recycling (Coming soon to parts of District 4 & 5)
Côte Saint-Luc Road & Westminster Intersection

To view the powerpoint presentation from my second district meeting on August 23, 2007, click below:
Brown Bin Orientation

To view the powerpoint presentations from my third district meeting on August 20, 2009, click below (note, these are large files):
What's New in Cote Saint-Luc and District 4 (11 MB)
Tips on Recycling (4 MB)
A Preview of the Major Renovations at Donald Fletcher Park (4 MB)

To view the powerpoint presentation from my fourth district meeting on October 26, 2010, click below (note, large file):
What's New in Cote Saint-Luc and District 4 / New ACC (12 MB)

To view the powerpoint presentation from my fifth district meeting on July 5, 2012, click below (note, large files):
What's New in Cote Saint-Luc and District 4 (28 MB)
Cote Saint-Luc Road & Westminster Intersection (3 MB)

To view the powerpoint presentation from my sixth district meeting on August 15 , 2013, click below (note, large file):
What's New in Cote Saint-Luc and District 4 / Plans for Richard Schwartz Park (15 MB)


If you are a student at Solomon Schechter where Steven Erdelyi is the Principal, please visit the school site here.

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